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2010 January 12 — Why Now?
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Random Thoughts

Why isn’t anyone selling a safe and hygienic heated toilet seat?

Would it be too difficult to have a heated sock and underwear drawer?

You can’t use an aquarium heater in the tank of the toilet, because it would be out of the water when you flushed. Maybe a float switch that turned it off when the water was below a certain level. Electrical hazard?

Given how long it takes for the hot water to get hot, would it be worthwhile to install a mixer valve and fill the tank with hot water in the winter. How long would it stay hot, and would it help?

Doesn’t someone sell shoe/boot warmers? I seem to remember them from New York.

Can absolute zero actually be colder than the ceramic tile in your bathroom if you miss the bathmat when getting out of the shower?

I’m ready for it to get warmer.

January 12, 2010   9 Comments

Caribbean Tsunami Alert

The USGS is reporting a 7.0 earthquake 10 miles Southwest of Port au Prince, Haiti at 3:53PM CST.

There has been a lot of activity in the Caribbean lately, and Port au Prince isn’t exactly designed to withstand something like this.

January 12, 2010   Comments Off on Caribbean Tsunami Alert

I Might Be Back

Five days, 120 hours, no warning, and the blithering idiots sent me e-mail during the middle of this mess asking if I would like to buy some more services from them.

It was a system “upgrade”!!!! They blew up DSL for a major portion of Florida for over 4 days. I got special treatment because they moved my line to a different device, but the record wasn’t updated to reflect the move because the servers crashed during the software upgrade.

I have to go shovel out my in basket after not picking up e-mail for 5 days!!!

January 12, 2010   7 Comments