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2010 April 02 — Why Now?
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Note – April Fools Day was yesterday. These are real stories, at real news sites.

Over at CNN you will find: Karzai blames foreigners for election fraud.

So, the President of Afghanistan says that his re-election was the result of a fraudulent election, but the fraud was committed by the UN, not his supporters. He doesn’t really explain why the UN wanted him re-elected enough to game the system, but he knows they did it.

This doesn’t bother him enough to call for a new election.

The CBC has a nice “good news” story: Microsoft’s i4i patent appeal denied.

M$ ripped off a tiny Canadian software company, i4i, and their premier product, an XML-based document system. M$ has been using the pirated software in Word since version 2003.

I don’t doubt that M$ is seriously considering appealing to the Supreme Court, but it would have been less expensive to have just licensed the i4i software in the beginning. M$ has been pulling this garbage for years. i4i is one of the few companies that has had the resources to fight back and haul them into court.

The ABC says that Christian leaders use Easter to attack atheism.

Excuse me, but making Easter, the most important Christian holy day, a launching pad for attacks on atheism is rather brain dead. The day is about the foundation of the Christian faith, so why divert attention from that to talk about people who don’t believe.

I think these “Christian” leaders might want to spend some time with the parable of the good Samaritan found in the Gospel of Luke, and then deal with the real importance of the day.

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Friday Cat Blogging

CC Wants Loose

Friday Cat Blogging

Come on, unhook the leash.

[Editor: CC hates the leash because it reduces her ability to beat up the young cats. The juveniles deserve a beating, because they do taunt her, but CC doesn’t know about cars and roads.]

Friday Ark

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