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2010 April 24 — Why Now?
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Oil Spill… What Oil Spill?

Gulf Gusher flagAfter initially reporting that there was no leak from the Gulf drilling rig disaster, CNN now reports Oil leaking from site of sunken rig, Coast Guard says.

About 1,000 barrels a day is pouring into the Gulf from the broken pipe, and the stormy weather is preventing effective measures to contain it. The 11 missing workers are now presumed dead, as the majority, if not all of them, were at or near the top of the well casing when the explosion occurred.

If the wind and waves take the oil ashore before BP can stop it, it will be an even worse ecological disaster.

I would note that the pipe may have broken when the damaged rig sank, and there may not have been a leak until that occurred.

April 24, 2010   2 Comments

Tornado In Mississippi

From CNN: Mississippi tornado leaves at least 10 dead.

It was one of the large, long-distance tornadoes that was on the ground in Louisiana and then crossed all of Mississippi, before finally collapsing in Alabama. It scoured a half-mile path of death and destruction across the state, with the death toll is expected to climb after the damaged buildings are searched.

We got rain, wind, and lightning on the Gulf Coast as the front sucked up moisture to fuel the destruction.

April 24, 2010   3 Comments