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2010 April 15 — Why Now?
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He’s Back

Le Tour de Rook

I blame the long winters and cabin fever that produce people like Jesse Ventura and Michelle Bachmann, but it can also affect people more to the left.

Rook reports on his start, and his progress.

Actually it is probably a great way to lose the “winter weight” that you add to protect yourself from the cold.

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A Quarter Century

Training Squadron 86

Prior to the crash in Georgia on Monday, Training Squadron 86 had gone over 25 years without an accident, which remains the record.

The Pensacola News Journal reports that the Victims identified in Monday Navy jet crash. Retired Lieutenant Commander Charles McDaniel of Cantonment was the pilot, flying as a contractor. The passengers were: Marine Captain Jason Paynter of Pensacola, Naval Flight Officer instructor, and two students, Marine First Lieutenant Shawn Nice of Levittown, Pennsylvania and Navy Ensign Zachary Eckhart of Orefield, Pennsylvania. They were all assigned to VT-86.

It will take months for the cause of the crash to be established.

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Now, With Extra Nuts!

The Local Puppy Trainer reports that Mike Huckabee is now a Walton County resident,

Walton is the neighboring county to my East and no doubt he got a great deal on wherever he lives because of the tanking of the local real estate market [or he already had a vacation place, like Karl Rove, and couldn’t unload it.]

April 15, 2010   2 Comments

Why Is Today Special?

They’re Having A Birthday!

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: April 15, 2007 they showed up.]

Keith Kisser at Invisible Library is having his seventh blogiversary.

Oh, yes, there’s this .

Update: Jim DeRosa’s buddy, Hitchcock, is 15 today.

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