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Why Is Today Special?

They’re Having A Birthday!

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: April 15, 2007 they showed up.]

Keith Kisser at Invisible Library is having his seventh blogiversary.

Oh, yes, there’s this .

Update: Jim DeRosa’s buddy, Hitchcock, is 15 today.


1 jams O'Donnell { 04.15.10 at 1:36 am }

Ahhhh is it 3 years already?
.-= last blog ..Dirty War pilot extradited to Argentina =-.

2 Kryten42 { 04.15.10 at 2:17 am }

Hmmph!! I am envious ov da kittehs!! 😐 🙁


I hould be workin… but I clicked on the utoob link and found a cool vid of one uv da truest songs evah written!! 😛 😉

Den… I clicken on da blog link… I’m still readin! I should be wurkin… bit I iz readin!

I see he has something akin to *writers block* and frustration over his book… it’ll pass! I like what I see there so far. 🙂 Thanks Bryan! 😀 (Even if I *SHOULD* be working!) 😛

3 hipparchia { 04.15.10 at 12:12 pm }

my first batch were probably born about the same time, but since the actual date is a mystery, and they didn’t make their presence known until some weeks later, i just think of them in association with flower pots.

4 Bryan { 04.15.10 at 9:53 pm }

Mid-April has become a prime time for kittens, but I don’t usually see any until May when they are old enough to begin the weening process and get moved near the feeding stations.

The boys are actually bigger than Sox, although not quite as heavy yet, Jams.

Sure, you can be envious at a distance when you don’t have to try to work while they are messing around right beside you, Kryten. BTW, occasional breaks help to remove the stress and make you more efficient.

You probably saw then at about six weeks, Hipparchia.

5 hipparchia { 04.15.10 at 10:03 pm }

that seems about right. here’s the 2nd batch at about 5 weeks.

6 Bryan { 04.15.10 at 10:32 pm }

Definitely the food move to begin the weening process. Momma cats like the food somewhere else so they can get a break from the wee beasties after a few days, and then moves the litter to the area when she is tiring of them.

7 Badtux { 04.16.10 at 9:55 am }

The top tax rate on the Beatles was 95% in Britain at the time. Thus why they became tax refugees for a while. To say that this is not the situation here in America at this time, where the rich pay on average less than 20% of their income as taxes, is ridiculous but that doesn’t stop the Teabaggers from going there ;).

– Badtux the Tax Penguin
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8 Bryan { 04.16.10 at 10:13 am }

That was a time of easy currency conversion as the US and British pennies were at parity, i.e. £ 1 = $2.40. The rate began at £ 10,000 and you received a shilling from every pound you made, the other 19 shillings going to Inland Revenue.