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2010 April 05 — Why Now?
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Good Christians All

I was out and about most of the day and happened upon an actual paper copy of the Local Puppy Trainer. I immediately turned to the Letters because it is always entertaining to read the rants of the locals verbally beating people to a pulp with Bible verses. These people believe that if you can find a quote that can be construed as supporting your point of view, you have won the argument, which is usually about something that has nothing to do with desert nomadic tribes, as there is a dearth of both deserts and nomadic tribes in this area.

Apparently last week someone made the outrageous claim that the Bible supports helping the poor and it is a good thing that tax dollars are used in this way.

Obviously that couldn’t be allowed to stand, so this guy claims that since you aren’t directly helping the poor, you derive no benefit from this act of “Christian charity”. As this individual went on to list all of his personal charitable donations, I got the feeling that he believes that “Judgment Day” is like an IRS audit, and you get no credit unless you have your receipts.

I realize that I am probably the member of an extreme minority, but I have never taken a receipt for anything I have given, and have never taken a tax deduction for it. I have always felt that doing that devalued the spirit of giving. I have had to explain this a couple of times when there were questions as to where money went during the years when I was making good money and it drove my tax guy crazy, but that’s the way I interpreted what I was taught.

I think Mr. “You Need A Receipt” may be in for a surprise on the “Final Exam”.

April 5, 2010   2 Comments