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2010 April 23 — Why Now?
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Saint George’s Day

Cross of St. George

Saint George is the patron saint of England, Georgia [the country], Bulgaria, Portugal, Catalonia, and the city of Moscow. Orthodox countries tend to celebrate George on November 23rd.

PETA condemns George for his senseless slaughter of dragons. The YWCA condemns the condemnation and wants to know when PETA is going to volunteer to be DragonChow™

International Day of the Book UNESCO

It is also the birth and death day of Billy the Bard, who was a great writer in desperate need of a spelling checker.

Master Shakespeare gave all of the best lines to villains supplying low humor to those who have read the Folio, e.g. Arlen Specter quoting Iago, reputedly in support of Clarence Thomas.

April 23, 2010   4 Comments

It’s A Virus

That’s apparently what McAfee’s programmers thought Windows XP with Service Pack 3 was, according to the BBC report: Security update hits Windows PCs

Thousands of PCs around the world have been paralysed by a security update that wrongly labelled part of Windows as a virus.

The update was sent out by security firm McAfee and made affected PCs endlessly restart.

McAfee’s 5958 update wrongly identified the Windows svchost.exe file as the wecorl.a virus. This worm tries to replace an existing svchost file with its own version to help it take over a machine.

The update wrongly labelled svchost as the virus and then quarantined it. This caused many PCs to crash as Windows uses many copies of the file to keep the operating system going.

Computers inside businesses running Windows XP with service pack 3 applied were the hardest hit according to reports…

Given some of the things that Service Pack 3 gets up to, I’m not surprised that anti-virus software would think it was malignant. Much of the snooping that SP3 does to “protect” M$ from “pirates” is exactly the same as many virus programs, including the bit about reporting home.

April 23, 2010   9 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Inspection Tour

Friday Cat Blogging

Get a haircut!

[Editor: Molly is out and about in the pleasant weather we’ve had making sure that no cat has forgotten how to cringe. It’s tough being the Alpha Prime.]

Friday Ark

April 23, 2010   8 Comments