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2010 April 28 — Why Now?
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Crist Runs As An Independent

The Miami Herald is reporting Crist goes it alone in his bid for Senate.

Charlie was too moderate to win a Republican primary, so now we have a three way race: Meek, Crist, and Rubio.

April 28, 2010   8 Comments

And The Band Played On

funny pictures of cats with captions
[If you don’t get the allusion this video makes it clear.]

The BBC reports that US to set fire to oil rig leak. They are going to attempt to burn off as much of the oil as they can, converting it into air pollution and green house gases. This is heavy crude and rather tar-like, so it won’t be easy to light.

I located NOAA’s National Ocean Service official site on the DEEPWATER HORIZON Incident and NASA’s Earth Observatory is continuing to provide satellite images of the spill.

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