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2012 November 01 — Why Now?
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Election Choices

These are some of my choices for the election:

I’m not voting for the candidates for either major party for President or Senator. I didn’t vote for the major party candidates when they were elected before, and I refuse to lower my standards.

I’ll vote for the Democrat for Congresscritter because he is the best of a bad lot.

For local offices I’m voting against every incumbent, because they don’t believe in government, and it shows in their lack of competence.

None of the amendments to the state constitution is worth voting for, as they either help special interest groups or weaken local government.

I am voting to increase the millage for the Ocean City-Wright First District because they provide good service and are up against a funding wall because of fallen home prices. I want house fires put out, so it has to be funded. This isn’t an immediate increase, but it makes any necessary increase possible.

I’m voting to retain all three Supreme Court Justices. These votes are normally non-partisan but this year the Republicans are urging people to vote against retention so the Fraudster-in-Chief can appoint new justices. Scott has enough to do finding replacements for all of the politicians who have to resign, or are removed from office for their illegal and/or immoral conduct. I don’t want to consider what kind of appointments the CEO of company hit with the largest Medicare/Medicaid fraud fine in history would make. I prefer the boring, middle-of-the-road, no excitement Florida Supreme Court currently in place.

It is a crowded ballot, so people who haven’t looked at it in advance are going to spend a lot of time wading through it. If you just vote no on all of the amendments you will get out of the voting booth a lot quicker.

November 1, 2012   4 Comments