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2012 November 29 — Why Now?
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While I’ve Been Working

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to approve Palestine as a “non-member observer state”, essentially the same status that Israel received in 1948. The US complained that the move would interfere with the non-existent peace talks between Israel and Palestine, while the Israeli ambassador basically said that all of the land was theirs.

The Egyptians have drafted their new constitution that will make no one but the Salafis happy, and with probably result in more street demonstrations. It is essentially the Mubarak constitution with a new paint job and more chrome.

Geithner presented the White House plan for a ‘Grand Bargain’ and left the meeting to avoid the wedgie the Republican brain trust was planning. The Republicans have no intention of doing anything about the ‘fiscal cliff’, because they are Republicans. They run for office to prove that government doesn’t work, so they aren’t going to do anything than might look like progress.

No bargain is a better outcome than Zero’s “Grand Bargain”. Nothing Congress does is good for more than two years. Not matter what they do today. the Congress that convenes in January can overrule it. Wait for the new Congress and do it right, with hearings and research.

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