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2012 November 06 — Why Now?
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Hell Will Be Raised!

It looks like Elizabeth Warren is the new Senator from Massachusetts, and a familiar face will be returning as a Congressman from Florida – Alan Grayson. Being bullish on popcorn futures seems like a safe bet.

In addition to the Florida results I’m following the Okaloosa County results.

Frankly, with 60% of all registered voters registered as Republicans, I’m surprised at how few of the Amendments are reaching the 60% threshold in the county. I can’t see any of the ‘social issue’ Amendments passing state-wide if they can’t get more support than this in Fundistan.

Update: it looks like Gary Johnson running as the Libertarian candidate will get the blame for Money Boo Boo’s problems in Florida. I don’t think it would make much difference because the heavily Democratic parts of the state are slow to report.

On the Amendment front, only three Amendments have a majority and they also have the required 60%. Amendments 2, 9, and 11 give extra property tax exemptions to disabled veterans, the surviving spouses of deceased veterans and first responders, and disabled seniors. The voters just told the legislature to ‘stuff-it’ on the social issue crap on ‘Obamacare’ and abortion funding.

The Florida Supreme Court justices are currently enjoying a two to one advantage for retention, another ‘stuff-it’ for the legislature.

What is truly weird is that the same voters return the same legislature to power. If they aren’t doing what you want, fire them and get someone new.

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I Voted

Voting Sticker

I arrived at 11:15AM CST and it took me almost 15 minutes to get out, which is 50% longer than usual, and there was actually someone else voting at the same time, which is a 100% increase from normal.

It wasn’t just the 4 sides of the ballot, to cut costs they only had one set of workers for the two precincts that vote at my town hall. The majority of voters in the precincts use absentee ballots, although I saw a few people also used early voting. I had done that before, but there is only one location open in the south county, and the road is under construction, so it is a real pain to get in and out of there.

Of course, just because I voted doesn’t mean it will get counted, so I’ll be checking to see the reporting. My votes are rather obvious in South Fundistan.

The polls finally close in Florida at 7PM CST, not 7PM EST.

I am still getting robo-calls.

Update: Here’s the official unofficial Florida results from the Florida Department of State. They don’t become official until everything is certified after all of the challenges and court cases are resolved.

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