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2012 November 25 — Why Now?
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Shopping Wasn’t A Problem

Normally I avoid stores during this period to avoid the rowdy crowds, but they weren’t around this year.

I picked up some things I needed to finish this rehab and a quick stop by the supermarket, and neither were any busier than normal for a Sunday. More importantly is that I went passed Malwort and their parking lot was definitely not more crowded than any end of the month Sunday.

There may have been some people lining up for the start of the ‘Black Friday sales’, but once they were done, in about two hours, so was the buying.

The stores are not stocked for a big Christmas season. The Christmas stuff came out earlier than ever, even before Halloween, but there wasn’t that much of it. The aisles aren’t blocked with excess stuff, the way they once were.

Unemployment may be dropping, but the people who are finally finding jobs, have a lot of debt to pay off, and that has more priority than spending a lot of money on gifts. The local paper covered the early shoppers, and found that the people in the stores are more interested in buying clothes on sale, the basics, than expensive gifts for their family.

November 25, 2012   2 Comments