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2012 November 10 — Why Now?
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Rook [AKA Guy Andrew Hall] has moved to new digs and a new platform: http://www.guyandrewhall.com/wordpress/

He’s has changed the name, but it’s the same old Rook, well, not quite, the text is a very readable black on white and he has flowers in the header.

November 10, 2012   4 Comments

Enough Already

The votes hadn’t even been counted when Florida’s junior Senator, Marco Rubio scheduled a trip to Iowa next week.

The political parties have a rule that if you schedule a primary earlier than the rules allow, you lose at least half your delegates. They should expand the rule to say that if you start campaigning for President more than two years before the election, you lose half of your delegates.

Marco Rubio can’t ‘save’ the Republican Party. It is the policies and platform of the Party that caused some Cuban voters to go for Zero, not the ethnicity of the candidate, and if Rubio couldn’t even deliver the entire Cuban community for the Republican Party, how is he going to convince the rest of the Spanish-speaking voters?

The GOP problem is their policies, not the people they run for office.

November 10, 2012   2 Comments