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2012 November 28 — Why Now?
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Take Your Grand Bargain And Shove It.

First off, there was already a ‘grand bargain’ on Social Security and Medicare during the Reagan administration created by the Greenspan Commission, that ‘fixed the system for all time’ and people went along with it. There is a $2½ trillion dollar trust fund as a result. The only thing that the system needs is for people to have jobs.

If you enact programs that put people back to work, you have solved all of the major problems except the incredibly expensive Bush tax cuts.

Kenneth Quinnell, a paleo-blogger who ran the Florida Progressive Coalition, as well as many other projects, for years now works for the AFL-CIO as a writer. He sent a link to a page created by the union to counter all of the disinformation that is being pushed by politicians from both parties about the necessity of cutting the social safety net programs. It is a simple format in table form of the ‘Myth’ people are told and then the ‘Facts’ on the issue.

Putting people to work is the most effective way of dealing with the deficit.

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