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2012 November 27 — Why Now?
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I Read The News Today …

And to two stories caught my attention immediately.

The first was in the Local Puppy Trainer, County: In-House Construction Crew Will Save Money, as reports on the fact that public employees can do construction projects cheaper than the private sector.

The head of the water department points out that the county’s crew isn’t marking up the cost of materials, and they aren’t adding on a profit margin. He has been doing subversive things like bidding on county demolition contracts and submitting the lowest bid.

Privatization is not the path to efficient government; it is usually the path to corruption.

The second was on the CBS site: The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Isn’t A Cliff At All. It was amazing, a major media outlet actually looking at what is going to happen and noticing that it isn’t ‘the end of the world as we know it’. I was totally amazed that anyone in the media was actually making a reality check on the conventional wisdom and hysteria.

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