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About That Cease Fire — Why Now?
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About That Cease Fire

The bombs are still falling and the rockets still flying tonight despite rumors of s cease fire deal all day.

Moon of Alabama covers the basic Ceasefire Conditions And Interests and touches on meaning of the assassination of Hamas military wing leader Ahmed al-Jaabari.

The Agonist was wondering earlier if Netanyahu had targeted al-Jaabari to preclude the possibility of a more permanent truce that was being negotiated in Egypt prior to the Israeli air assault.

The US is out of the loop in this situation because we refuse to talk to Hamas. Hamas won the election and is the majority in the Palestinian parliament. If you don’t talk to them, you aren’t in the process. Talking to Abbas is a waste of time. His term has expired, but the Israelis have prevented a new election, so he still is the nominal head of the Palestinian Authority. He lacks the power to make a deal of any kind. The US is participating in kabuki, not a real attempt to broker peace.