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They don’t make sense. If the unGovernor’s office had said he was taking time off because of his wife’s illness or for a vacation no one would have really cared. Instead they lied about it. Then DeMentis brings his wife, who is having cancer treatments, to a mass event where no one is wearing a mask while Covid is running wild.

Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo stands behind a lectern that says “Early Treatment Saves Lives” and declares testing causes mental health problems. Logically testing would catch Covid early and allow for treatment, rather than waiting for severe symptoms.

Cancer treatments reduce your ability to fight infections. What DeMentis did was dangerous for his wife. What Dr. Ladapo did is dangerous for the people of Florida. What price for the GQP Presidential nod is DeMentis willing to pay – how many Floridians must die for his political ambitions?


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