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2022 January 12 — Why Now?
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So, ‘tattletale’ Gaetz is sucking up to DeMentis by claiming that
the “30A Songwriters’ Festival”
that is funded in part by Walton County Tourism, is imposing a vaccine mandate and dissing ‘Big Ron’. Gaetz, naturally didn’t ask anyone associated with the Festival, a major cultural event in Walton County, what was going on. There is no vaccine mandate. Like most festivals you need a vaccine or a negative test for admittance. If you’re a singer/songwriter in folk/country/bluegrass/blues this is a place to go to network and get noticed. People like Emmylou Harris, Dar Williams, Kathleen Edwards, Mavis Staples, Patty Griffin, Rickie Lee Jones, Steve Earle are playing this year.

Meanwhile, one of Matt’s ex-girlfriends is talking to a Grand Jury about trafficking under-age women. This is the quality of representation I have to put up with.

January 12, 2022   Comments Off on Jerk