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2022 January 19 — Why Now?
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The Kids Are Alright

Two cases of children winning a point against a politician.

In Britain a Five-year-old explains why Boris Johnson is “really naughty”. Boris wants people to believe that he didn’t think having a party with 100 people after putting the country in a lock down was a problem. The little girl isn’t having it – Boris is naughty and should go to the naughty room until he apologizes. Crooks & Liars version if you don’t “do” the ‘Blue Bird of Misinformation’.

Dan Crenshaw was called out by a ten-year-old girl. Crenshaw made the mistake of treating the Bible like another “hero tale” and the little girl wasn’t having it. That’s not what she learned in Sunday school. He reacted poorly and the audience of East Texas fundamentalists was on the girl’s side. Crooks & Liars version. (It has been confirmed that the young woman is not 10, but 18. She was identified as being 10 by someone in the crowd, and she is small. She still made her point.)

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