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2022 January 30 — Why Now?
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Matas Maldeikis, Member of Parliament in Lithuania makes an historical point about Putin’s claims to the territory of the Ukraine:

I demand the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the historical sphere of influence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, including #Belarus and #Ukraine. Russia’s westward expansion since the annexation of Novgorod in 1478 is an outrageous provocation.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson lashes out for the media noticing that he is spewing Russian agitprop on his show.

The media in Russia is split over Tucker Carlson (Такер Карлсон) with the “official state media” thinking that Carlson is just stating his opinion and the independent TV Rain (Дожд) thinking he is taking courses to be hired by the Russian Ministry of “Information”.

Carlson is a “useful idiot” (Полезный идиот). He has spent too many years wearing a bowtie that was too tight. He takes a contrary position to please someone else. Just another tool who is not bright enough to realize that he is being used.

FYI: Moscow is very late to the time line. The Rus settled around Kyiv and Ukraine uses an older character set and spelling than Russia. The presidents of both Ukraine and Rossia (the proper spelling of the country) have the same first name but Ukrainian president Zelensky spells it Volodymir while Putin uses Vladimir.

January 30, 2022   6 Comments