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2022 January 16 — Why Now?
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Incompetence VS Malice

Many Australians believe Prime Minister Scott Morrison is incompetent, while many Floridians believe Governor Ron DeSantis is evil. Let’s compare Scomo to DeMentis…

Two tweets from Dean Obeidallah (@DeanObeidallah)

Australia compared to Florida:

As you read about Australia deporting Novak Djokovic for not getting vaccinated keep this in mind: Australia is a country of 25 million and only 2,670 people have died of Covid. Florida is 21 million people and OVER 63,000 people have died of Covid.

Florida vs the average and Florida vs New York:

BTW in 2021, Florida saw 190 deaths per 100,000 from Covid totaling nearly 41,000 dead, well above the 144 per 100,000 national average and far worse than New York’s rate of 107 dead per 100,000 that totaled 21,000 deaths. (this is only 2021 since vaccine) source


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