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Greed vs Science

Digby provides the long form of unGovernor DeMentis’s battle againt medical reality, but Twitter feeds it to you in bite-sized chunks:

Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) notes:

After the FDA discontinued use of monoclonal antibodies because they don’t work on Omicron, which Eli Lilly and Regeneron acknowledge, Dr. Ron Desantis says they are wrong and vows, “We’re gonna fight back!”

DeMentis is definitely not a “doctor” in any sense of the word.

Lindy Li adds:

Regeneron, which makes monoclonal antibodies, says that they don’t work against Omicron

Ron DeSantis is falsely claiming that they do

Citadel owns $16 million of Regeneron stock. Citadel CEO, his biggest donor, gave DeSantis $11 million

I’m sure this is just a coincidence 🙁

You’re right, Lindy. It’s not as if Florida politicians are known for doing “special favors” for their big donors 😉

If DeMentis continues with the monoclonal antibodies, the state is going to be paying for them at $2K a dose. Up until now the Federal government has been paying for the treatment.


1 Kryten42 { 02.01.22 at 7:11 am }

Would it be wrong of me do you think to ask the Universe to send a fully loaded negative Karma truck when he’s crossing the road? Twice, or maybe three times, just to be sure it does it’s job? 🤔😼

Whilst I am at it… I can add several others to that wish list! 😈😏

2 Bryan { 02.02.22 at 8:28 pm }

We are having “super-lightning bolts” in the US. There was one that was seen by satellite that stretched across three states, over 700 km. That would probably be an adequate “karma delivery system” for a large rally 😈

3 Kryten42 { 02.02.22 at 11:57 pm }

Oooh! I do like the way you think Bryan!👍 And the irony of that being an “act of god” amuses me no end! 😂😏

But… Three States! 😮🤦‍♂️

4 Bryan { 02.03.22 at 8:36 pm }

No need to specify which god 😉