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Political Kerfuffle Continues

Lavender ChickenLame Duck

First off, the Blue Dogs needs to hire someone who can alphabetize a list, and the Democratic leadership should be aware that there are two “s” in Wasserman, not three.

Those are petty things, but, when you can’t even keep the simple office routines in order, it is unlikely you are ready for the bigger problems.

We have just had two surrenders by the Lavender Chickens to the Lame Ducks this week. The war was fully funded first, and then accountability and the Fourth Amendment were cast aside. I’m sure they would stand on principles, but they don’t have any.

The excuse was “if we don’t pass them the GOP will say bad things about us” is patently absurd. The GOP is the opposition party, you twits, it’s their job to say bad things about you. If you formed up and parachuted into the mountains of Pakistan’s tribal region and captured bin Laden by yourselves, the GOP would still say you were soft on national security, and some people would believe it.

It would probably go: “illegal invasion, wasted money, endangered lives of troops, damaged relations with friends in the area, grandstanding, disrupted military planning and strategy…” It is going to happen no matter what is done, so, instead of worrying about it and demonstrating to one and all that you are spineless wimps, which does, indeed, impact on how people see you, take a few stands and hold your ground. The Ducks don’t have to compromise when they know you will cave in at the end. Passing bills with a minority of Democratic support and almost unanimous Republican support does not show strength.