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Open Season

The BBC reports on proposed changes: ‘Shake-up’ for internet proposed

The net could see its biggest transformation in decades if plans to open up the address system are passed.

The net’s regulators will vote on Thursday to decide if the strict rules on so-called top level domain names, such as .com or .uk, can be relaxed.

If approved, it could allow companies to turn their brands into domain names while individuals could also carve out their own corner of the net.

A point on style, first: the Internet should always be capitalized and technically only refers to the physical network and the system software and protocols.

What they are discussing are the Top Level Domains [TLD] like .com, .net, etc. If you have the cash and the equipment you could establish .blog and become a registrar for that domain. [I would expect Google to grab that puppy if this goes through.]

EBW at Wampum is at the meetings as a participant, and has been making techo-snarky remarks about the proceedings.