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A Public Service

Just a reminder that if you are visiting Central Florida during cold snaps, you will want to wear a sturdy hat and watch the trees for falling iguanas.


1 Moi;) { 01.04.10 at 10:52 pm }

Oh, Crap…… lol
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2 Bryan { 01.04.10 at 11:36 pm }

Getting hit by a cold iguana is better than being swallowed by a python if you go further South. It’s all relative.

3 Badtux { 01.05.10 at 12:52 am }

I love all these transplanted exotic critters we have running around the South. Kinda like armadillos, the official highway pavement material of Texas.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin
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4 Bryan { 01.05.10 at 10:09 pm }

Armadillos were the worst part of the drive across Texas, they really bounce the car when you hit them.

5 Badtux { 01.06.10 at 2:10 am }

When I lived on a farm in Louisiana, my cats loved stalking the armadillo that lived under my outbuilding when he came out in the evening to root up my lawn. I have no idea what they would have done if they’d actually caught it, though. Talk about baffled kittehs.

I drew the line, however, when I looked out the back window and saw one of my kittehs stalking a skunk. I opened the back window and started yelling. Apparently that broke his concentration enough that he decided to go play another game (come yowl at my back door to get in to get fed 😉 ).

6 Bryan { 01.06.10 at 4:00 pm }

Yeah, but ‘dillos became a ball when threatened so that was pretty neat, not the hissing and tooth display of the possums.

Yes, those “odd tuxedo kitties” would have made believers out of your cat, if they felt threatened. Although, truth be told, I’ve known a few tom cats around here who were close on odor when they were in their marking wars.