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More Aftershocks

After about two days of good behavior, the fault near Port au Prince reminded everyone that it still isn’t settled with a 5.9 tremor at about 5AM CST this morning, which caused panic and resulted in more deaths and destruction among the already damaged structures in the city.

This is very much like a war when it comes to search and rescue, with the possibility of aftershocks similar to unexploded ordnance buried in the rubble ready to bring everything down on your head.

The supply operations has been ramping up smoothly, and quickly, unless you are waiting for food and water. Even in the US, the local emergency officials say that you need supplies for a week, before you can expect help after a hurricane. Frankly, hurricanes are better than earthquakes in a couple of important ways: you get warning so you can stock up or leave; and when it’s over, it’s over, as very few come back. You get no warning with earthquakes, and the aftershocks can continue for weeks.