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Just Vote!

Vote or else

The Republican Party of Florida has used everything they can think of to keep people away from the polls. They have passed laws to restrict early voting, loaded the ballot with amendments to slow down the process, changed the rules for registering to discourage it, created bogus lists to remove eligible voters from the lists, required people to get photo ID cards, etc. ad nauseam. They don’t want you to vote. They don’t believe in elections or the government.

From reading the news I now know that it takes longer to vote in many precincts in Florida that it takes Ayn Rand Paul Ryan to complete a marathon. War and Piece may not be long enough to last the wait in line. You can get gas in NYC in less time than it takes to vote in Miami. This isn’t an attack on the Democrats, this is an attack on democracy.

Voting is not a privilege, it is a RIGHT!


1 Steve Bates { 11.05.12 at 9:05 pm }

And just look at what Jon Husted is doing in Ohio.

Politics aside, I am very fond of Ohio. In good weather and even in moderate snow, it can be a beautiful place. Ohio is a great place for the performing arts. E.g., even a small city like Canton, OH has a symphony orchestra capable of mounting a professional performance of Beethoven’s Ninth… I know because I was there for one such performance. Among musicians in Alliance, chamber music reading sessions sound almost like concerts, the quality of playing is so high. Few people (if any) are gratuitously rude to strangers in northern Ohio; I found myself accepted graciously as a total stranger.

If Husted messes with those good people’s right… emphasis on right… to vote, he has me to answer to. The older I get, the less tolerant I become of that sort of crap.

2 Bryan { 11.05.12 at 11:32 pm }

Unfortunately southern Ohio has a lot in common with Alabama under George Wallace, and they have been voting lately, which is why the state is such a mess.

I keep waiting for that Federal judge to finally get angry enough to throw Husted in jail for contempt. Given the crap he has pulled I’m astonished it hasn’t already happened.