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Reality Has A Liberal Bias?

xkcd Math

Nate Silver just crunches the numbers. He doesn’t create them. but weighs them based on past performance and puts them out there. The election shows that Nate Silver’s conclusions were correct, and the talking heads in the media were just making shit up to justify their spot in front of the microphone. I’m sure all of the apologies from the pundits will be appearing in print and on the talk shows real soon now [yeah, right].

The numbers say that people didn’t want to vote for Money Boo Boo. All of the voter suppression crap piled on by the Republicans in states like Florida and Ohio didn’t help Rmoney, and may have helped to motivate Democrats. Given the real effects of voter ID laws, a lot of Republican voters can’t fulfill the requirements without a lot of hassle, so they may stay at home and not bother.

Via Ellroon, my favorite existentialist tuxedo talks politics: Henri – Politique.

Update: Jams O’Donnell and Comrade Misfit have good ones too.

November 7, 2012   4 Comments