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Florida Update

Bronco Bama has increased his lead over Money Boo Boo to over 55K this morning, but absentee ballots are still being counted.

Allen West has requested a recount in one of the counties in his loss to Patrick Murphy in District 18. More money wasted, because he has to pay for it.

Oh, people need to stop comparing the loser in Ohio, Secretary of State Jon Husted, to Katherine Harris. Ms Harris succeeded in stealing Florida, while Husted totally failed in Ohio. Given the shoddy treatment that poor Kate received after accomplishing her mission, I don’t think Karl Rove is going to be very nice to Husted in the aftermath of his failure.

Update: It looks like it will be tomorrow before this is finished as Broward, Duval, and Palm Beach counties still haven’t finished counting absentee ballots. Zero is now 59K ahead of Rmoney.