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The Air Force has one fewer $400 million F-22 Raptors in its inventory due to an ‘incident’ on Tyndall Air Force Base. The pilot assigned to the 325th Fighter Wing declared an emergency and ejected safely. The aircraft impacted within the perimeter of the base.

The Air Force has stated that the accident had nothing to do with the problematic oxygen system in the F-22.

As news of the record criminal fine levied against BP for the Deepwater Horizon disaster was echoing around the Gulf Coast, a fire on another Gulf oil platform was reported. Two people are missing and four are badly burned on the shallow-water platform South of Grand Isle, Louisiana.

The initial report is that the platform was shut down for maintenance when the accident occurred, so only a minimal amount of oil has leaked into the Gulf and the fire was put out quickly. I hope they can understand why Gulf Coast residents might not wholeheartedly accept that initial conclusion.