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Another Israeli Election “Campaign”

The election is under way with the traditional attacks on the Gaza Strip to prove that the current government is the only way Israelis can feel safe. It failed the last time when Kadima did it.

There is a common question asked by Likudniks: “What would the US do if they were being attacked by Mexico?” For some reason they don’t like my response: “Just what the Palestinians are doing – retaliating with everything we have.”

Israelis also fixate on on Palestinians “recognizing Israel’s right to exist”. There is no such “right”. The Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, as well as sundry empires throughout history are all gone. If the Ottoman Empire hadn’t come unglued there would be no Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, etc. The US Declaration of Independence is based on the notion that governments are temporary, but people have “inalienable rights”.

Why don’t the Palestinians spend money on schools, hospitals, and infrastructure? Simple, because the Israeli blockade prevents it. When outsiders attempt to aid the Palestinians with building and medical supplies, the Israeli government uses force, including deadly force, to stop it.

I would hope that this ‘campaign’ ends like the last one, with a change in government, but a lot of innocent people are going to die before it is over.