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Thoughts On The Weekend

In comments Jim Bales suggested I have a look at Stonekettle Station, a blog by a retired Navy CWO in Alaska.

His latest post was about bigotry, and it lays out the problem of the bigots who get upset about being called bigots.

I thought of the article on CBS that deals with a segment on 60 Minutes about early child development studies at Yale, that seem to show that children understand the concept of ‘fairness’ almost at birth, i.e. it isn’t learned, it’s part of the ‘basic package’.

That should surprise no one as there have been studies going back over a decade showing that other members of the order Primates also have a developed sense of fairness. This article, Fairness & Equity Concepts Have Deep Primate Roots, covers some of the earlier research.

Two things come to mind: 1) Bigotry is learned, not inmate, and 2) Not only are humans born without ‘original sin’, but they all start out innocent. People who discriminate against anyone else aren’t simply evil, they are unnatural.

This tends to support Badtux’s claim that many wingnuts are ‘lizard people’.

November 24, 2012   6 Comments