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2006 March 05 — Why Now?
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Since It’s Oscar Night

This is what happens when the judge doesn’t drive a stake through the corporate heart. They probably felt they had to do it before the Shrubbery gets pruned.

It’s time to rent The President’s Analyst as a reminder.

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Become One With The Farm

Via Thomas Leavitt at Seeing The Forest: you have to see it to believe – Store Wars

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Many will freak out after reading the Australian Broadcasting article, Pentagon looks to shark spies for ocean research, but this is exactly the type of weird, off-the-wall project that characterizes the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA].

One of its projects resulted in the Internet, so it isn’t all bad, but they really do fund some strange ideas.

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Oscar Prediction

I predict that I will not have seen any film that wins an Oscar. Since I haven’t been to the movies in years, this is guaranteed.

The emergence of the “megaplex” with multiple small theaters, obscenely priced food and drink, characterless design, and general trend to making going to a movie a “factory” rather than entertainment experience has removed it from the list of things I want to do.

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Who Would Have Thought?

The BBC notes: Bush U-turn on Iranian pipeline.

A natural gas pipeline from Iran to India through Pakistan that has been blocked because of the benefits to Iran, but you can’t let those concerns interfere with multinational corporations. I would presume that Bush recognized some of the corporations involved in this deal and checked with the Carlyle Group for advice.

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Iditarod Starts

Not that US media seems to notice, but the BBC reports the start of the dog sled race in memory of the relay of diphtheria vaccine by dog sled from Anchorage to Nome in 1925 to combat an outbreak.

With Eight Below, a movie about sled dogs doing well in theaters, you would think that ABC News would cover it to slip in a Disney ad, but nothing.

This is a real test of the partnership of an individual and a pack of dogs. The dogs get more rest, more food, and more care than the mushers, if they don’t, the team could lose more than a race.

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