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2006 March 23 — Why Now?
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A Collection

Steve Bates of The Yellow Doggerel Democrat is moving his doggerel to a separate site: The Yellow Doggerelist.

There is also cat blogging, so you can get CATS and DOGgerel in one place.

March 23, 2006   3 Comments

First Our Ports, Now Our Military Aircraft

The Christian Science Monitor wonders: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: next Dubai ports deal?

The purchase of Doncasters, a privately held British aerospace manufacturer, by the UAE-owned Dubai International Capital could set off another problem for the Shrubbery. Doncasters is one of the firms involved in the development of the US’s newest weapons system, the F-35.

The problem is complex because the British are involved in the system which will be used as a replacement for the Harriers currently be phased out in both the US and Britain. The Harrier is a British aircraft that is currently in the Marine Corps inventory.

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Chopper Driver Wins

Tammy Duckworth won the Democratic primary for the 6th Congressional District currently held by “Henry the Hypocrite” Hyde.

It would certainly be nice if there were more people in Congress with combat experience, as they tend to be less ready to waste lives than chickenhawks.

Update: Via Michael, Karen has the possibility of replacing “Denny the Doughboy” Hastert with John Laesch, a Navy intelligence vet.

March 23, 2006   2 Comments

The Attack on Teutons and Slavs

Apparently someone in the city government of St. Paul, Minnesota worried that an Easter bunny and basket of colored eggs would upset Non-Christians.

Real slowly: Easter is the Teutonic goddess of the Spring, the rabbit is a fertility totem, and the egg is an ancient symbol in Slavic mythology and the Spring festival. Christians may have appropriated these symbols, but they have nothing to do with the religion.

I would also note that the action was silly. Non-Christians are quite used to the absurdity of Christians invoking pre-Christian customs and symbols, and ignore them.

March 23, 2006   3 Comments

Support The Troops?

From Pensacola Beach Blogger I learned that my state senator, Charley Clary, thinks landlords need two months rent for nothing.

A lot of the people in my area are in the military and they are subject to being deployed on minimum notice. Because there isn’t enough housing on the bases, they have to rent and the housing allowance has not kept pace with the increases caused by hurricanes.

Right now, to move in you need around $300 for utility deposits plus first and last months’ rent and a security deposit. To move into the duplex at the end of my street, that amounts to almost $5,000.

This is getting obscene, and the troops are already getting screwed over locally because of the tight rental market.

Charley, your Momma brought you up better than that.

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A New Anthem

Via Avedon the anthem for progressives from the Dixie Chicks.

They were right. They spoke their minds. They were attacked.

The chickenhawks have not apologized for being wrong, so they don’t deserve forgiveness.

March 23, 2006   1 Comment