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2006 March 14 — Why Now?
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Too Stupid To Breed

In the reporting yesterday on the mad cow case in Alabama they forgot to mention that:Government To Reduce Mad Cow Testing.

That’s right, they announced a new case and then tell us they are cutting back on testing, and still refuse farmers the right to test all of their beef to enable them to avoid bans by other countries.

You must remember that most farms are small businesses and the Shrubbery only worries about the health and profits of corporations.

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Blogging Notes

PO’d Patricia has left Blonde Sense and moved to her own place: Morning Martini.

Terry at the Nitpicker has gone on hiatus after moving down to the Gulf Coast.

The ladies at Firedog Lake have moved into new digs, although you are re-directed from their old site.

The Badtux has also established a new place. Take note of the reviews of Meals Ready to Eat [MRE] and keep them handy for your next disaster.

Update: the transition of Firedog Lake is not going smoothly, so have patience.

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Going Nuclear

The Shrubbery was talking about how the US needed to export nuclear fuel to India so the US could import more Indian mangos. I guess no one told that we grow mangos in the US. As a matter of fact, the current Guinness world record mango was grown in Hawaii.

I have nothing against importing stuff that we don’t grow or make in the US, but I have to wonder why we import things that we do make in the US, and usually make better, just so some corporation can make extra money.

A major concern with importing things is that the costs are dependent on the price of oil, another import, for transportation. Oil will always be a problem because it is running out and if some fool starts a pointless war the price spikes.

I was really perplexed until Mark Fiore explained it all.

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The War Of Shi’ia Aggression

Today I was listening to the news in the background and they were talking about “sectarian violence” in Iraq.

The media just doesn’t want to endure the pounding they would get from RoveCo if they call it what it is: a civil war.

To those of you outside the South, 1861-1865 is not “The Civil War”. Most refer to it as “The War Between The States” and a few “The War Of Northern Aggression”. Some just don’t want to accept reality.

The MSM will continue with “The War Between The Sects” and wait for Went With The Sand to be published.

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International Pi Day

Albert Einstein

3/14 is Albert’s birthday and Π Day.

PiI assume you have all shopped for the perfect gift.

To get you started: Π ≈ 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028

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Echidne Strikes Home

In A Nutshell, the censure vote is a winner. The Shrubbery’s approval ratings have been in the tank for months.

Holden can branch out into the fertilizer business with the herds of ponies he’s been corralling from the polling.

There is nothing that the Senate can say or do that can affect low regard that the world has of the current part-time resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

If the Shrubbery were actually of any import to the “war”, he wouldn’t have been able to rack up over a year of vacation during his time in office. He hasn’t caught Osama bin Laden; Afghanistan is not stable; Iraq is slipping into all out civil war; North Korea apparently now has nuclear weapons; our ports are not secure; New Orleans is facing a hurricane season without functioning flood walls.

The man violated the FISA and ignored the Constitution. A censure is the least he should expect and a lot less than he deserves.

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