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2006 March 30 — Why Now?
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Justice Department Subpoenas

The Associated Press is reporting that the magazine, InformationWeek, has learned that in addition to Google, the Justice Department has subpoenaed internal files from dozens of Internet Service Providers and security firms.

Comcast Corp., EarthLink Inc., AT&T Inc., Cox Communications Inc., Verizon Communications Inc. and Symantec Corp have all received subpoenas in this absurd, wasteful attempt to resurrect a pathetic law.

If these jerks were as ready to provide food and health care for children as they are to “protect” them from the possibility of ‘Net porn, I might feel differently.

Update: Mustang Bobby is right, it is part of their Obsession.

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The Hamster Conspiracy

What are hamsters up to?

Glen at Brooklyn Bridge notes that Jack Abramoff included a night-time search for a missing hamster in his request for sentencing leniency.

Everyone should remember John Kerry’s hamster CPR episode.

There are hamsters in politics and television. There are even hamster porn sites.

Do you know where hamsters come from: Syria, Russia, China, and the central Asian countries of the former Soviet Union.

Have you heard about Hybrid Hamsters?


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Roger, Roger

The other Roger Ailes comments on Scalia and scatology.

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Another Storm Hits Australia

CNN reports: Cyclone Glenda hits Australia and Australia Broadcasting says: Glenda weakens, flooding expected. Cyclone Glenda came ashore as a category 4 with winds of 150+ miles per hour on the northwest coast of Australia.

That’s two major cyclones in less than a month. Both had stronger winds than Katrina when they made landfall.

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Jill Carroll Freed

Reading the Christian Science Monitor story with the jaundiced eye of an old intelligence analyst it looks like a deal was cut by the Iraqi Islamic Party who didn’t receive a “ransom” through the US embassy, and the Iraqi police officers who really aren’t members of the Iraqi Islamic Party’s militia “discovered” her.

I wonder how large the “campaign contribution” was to the IIP, and how they managed it with Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay sidelined.

It is possible that she was targeted because she worked for the Christian Science Monitor and her captors misunderstood the newspaper’s relationship to the Christians that are seen on American television. It must be fairly confusing for non-US people to understand that Falwell and Robertson don’t actually represent the majority of Christian thought in the United States.

It is sort of difficult to report on the “good news” in Iraq when reporters keep getting kidnapped and/or killed.

While Ms. Carroll was released, it should be remembered that her translator, Allan Enwiyah, was murdered when she was kidnapped.

March 30, 2006   2 Comments