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2006 March 20 — Why Now?
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Spring Has Sprung

One of the two times every year when every location on the planet gets exactly the same amount of sun.

In the Northern Hemisphere Belobog, the white god, has defeated Chernobog, the black god, and the sun waxes stronger.

Down here it’s time to get serious about raking live oak leaves, as they shed last year’s leaves when this years sprout.

March 20, 2006   Comments Off on Spring Has Sprung

The Death Toll Continues To Rise

CNN reports that at least 2 more Katrina victims were found today, and possible remains from a third victim.

There are approximately 400 people from New Orleans still missing, as well as hundreds from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The remains of those washed out into the Gulf will probably never be found.

March 20, 2006   Comments Off on The Death Toll Continues To Rise

How Shallow Can They Get

Apparently looking for something the Shrubbery’s competent to do, the CNN QuickVote poll earlier today asked the burning question: “Has the Bush administration been effective in handling public relations on efforts in Iraq?”

Public relations!? Is that the most we can expect from the executive branch of the world’s last superpower?

March 20, 2006   Comments Off on How Shallow Can They Get

A “Good Guy” Retires

Representative Martin Sabo of Minneapolis is retiring after 46 years in state and national politics. He noted that Congress has become more polarized and less hardworking during his years there.

I just mentioned his attempt to actually get Congress to spend some money on homeland security and hurricane preparedness.

He is from a solid Democratic district, but we need people of experience in government to show the new people how things should be done, and how they once worked.

March 20, 2006   Comments Off on A “Good Guy” Retires