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2006 March 09 — Why Now?
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NBC reports: Dubai to give up control of U.S. ports:

“DP World will transfer fully the U.S. operations … to a United States entity,” the firm’s top executive, H. Edward Bilkey, said in an announcement that capped weeks of controversy.

Relieved Republicans in Congress said the firm had pledged full divestiture.

Bilkey’s title is “chief operating officer”, so I’m not confident that he is, in fact, the “top executive”. The Emir of Dubai owns DP World and everyone else can be replaced.

He said that US operations would be transferred to a “United States entity”. I’m sure he knows the words “company” and “corporation”, but he said “entity”.

This was an emergency measure to stop Congress from passing a law to bar DP World.

Whatever happens, it is sure to involve James Baker, the Bush family consigliere on all things Mideast, and don’t be surprised if there are references to the Carlyle Group.

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Lying With A Straight Face

The CBS headline says: U.S. Missile Defense Test Successful.

You read the story and find out the “interceptor missile” did launch, and the new Japanese warhead seemed to work as hoped, but then you get to the “target”.

The interceptor hit the “target”…well, it hit the point the “target” would have been, if it were real and not simply part of a computer program.

This test proved nothing worth talking about or funding.

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FEMA Still Can’t Get It Right

CNN reports: No room at the inn for New Orleans dog search team.

They bring in people to perform jobs and don’t make any provision for them. They sign agreements and ignore them. They don’t seem to understand the shortages in New Orleans.

Food and shelter are rather basic to any enterprise, and after 6 months they still can’t provide them.

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Crime Rates

Okay, for all those people not paying attention to reality: the crime rate is, was, and, for the foreseeable future, will be directly related to the number of males between 15 and 45 in the population. It went up with the rise of the Baby Boom, and has been in decline since the Boomers hit 46 in 1992.

Nothing else comes close to this direct relationship, and it has been known and written about in criminal justice literature for decades.

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Have They Lost Their Minds?

NPR reported on the Pentagon Sending Special Ops to U.S. Embassies .

This is exactly how you create international incidents. Everyone working at an embassy has to keep the professionals from the State Department apprised of what they are doing, because it affects the diplomatic relations between the US and the country involved.

People in my Air Force specialty received embassy assignments. I left the Air Force in part because I was passed over for an assignment to the Moscow embassy due to my being single. If I had received the assignment I would have had the American ambassador inserted into my chain of command.

This sort of “cowboy operation” is going to get somebody killed and there is no “plausible deniability” when the people involved are in the US military. In a lot of countries such operations would be considered a casus belli.

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Forget About It

I first saw the report about a New Jersey bill demanding people identify themselves on the Internet over at skippy’s.

August J. Pollock explains why there’s no reason to worry about the Biondi Internet bill.

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A cracker is the name given to cattle herders in Florida because they originally used whips to herd cattle.

There is a specific breed of cattle horse called the Florida Cracker horse and a specific breed of cattle, Florida Cracker cattle associated with the livestock industry in Florida.

The name was later associated with any rootless person of low regard, which is more suited to such people in other states, like Georgia.

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What’s The Penalty For The Woman?

From the criminal law of South Dakota:

§ 22-16-1. “Homicide” defined.

Homicide is the killing of one human being, including an unborn child, by another. It is either:

(1) Murder;
(2) Manslaughter;
(3) Excusable homicide;
(4) Justifiable homicide; or
(5) Vehicular homicide.

§ 22-16-3. Relationship between accused and victim bearing on degree of homicide.

Whenever the degree of homicide is made to depend upon its having been committed under circumstances evidencing a depraved mind or unusual cruelty, or in a cruel manner, the jury may take into consideration any domestic or confidential relationship which existed between the accused and the person killed.

§ 22-16-4. Murder in the first degree – Premeditated design – Felony murder – Homicide as murder in the first degree.

Homicide is murder in the first degree when perpetrated without authority of law and with a premeditated design to effect the death of the person killed or of any other human being, or when committed by a person engaged in the perpetration of, or attempt to perpetrate, any arson, rape, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, or unlawful throwing, placing, or discharging of a destructive device or explosive. Homicide is also murder in the first degree if committed by a person who perpetrated, or who attempted to perpetrate, any arson, rape, robbery, burglary, kidnapping or unlawful throwing, placing or discharging of a destructive device or explosive and who subsequently effects the death of any victim of such crime to prevent detection or prosecution of the crime.

All that was required was to define a fetus as an unborn child and eliminate the existing “authority of law” for abortion and the current criminal law of the state of South Dakota is applicable.

For those who think they won’t charge a woman in these circumstance, all I can say is that you haven’t been paying attention – they have been calling it murder for years. There is nothing to stop a prosecutor from charging murder, as the law is clear.

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