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2006 March 21 — Why Now?
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Nice Taste In Bribes

The Feds are auctioning off Duke Cunningham’s ill gotten gains, and it’s quite a collection.

Having acquired a certain level of expertise with rugs from hanging around the Med and other places, the carpets in the picture accompanying the article look to be in the new car range, i.e. they are individually worth a new car.

Of course, I’d have to inspect them to be sure, but if you are out on the West Coast and looking for something for your spare bedroom, expect five-figure winning bids.

March 21, 2006   8 Comments

Cyclone Larry Aftermath

In spite of torrential rains the relief efforts for northern Queensland are moving right along with military and chartered aircraft bringing in supplies as the roads are being cleared.

The cost estimates are now up to over a billion dollars, as more of the damage is accessed. Banana and sugar cane plantations as well as rain forests were flattened by the winds.

March 21, 2006   3 Comments

The Sun Rises In The East

Microsoft announced that the roll out of its new version of Windows, Vista, has been moved back to the first quarter of 2007.

March 21, 2006   5 Comments

Short Takes During The Wait

Some things I noticed while waiting for Blogger:

NPR is waking up in its coverage as witnessed by the remarks about the Shrubbery in Ohio. One of the people in the audience asked about the claims that were used to justify the invasion of Iraq and the NPR reporter points out how the Shrubbery avoids actually answering the question, and reframes the question in his response.

Culture Ghost has been running a parade of posters that’s a hoot.

In her Spring article Collective Sigh makes a great find: Archaeoastronomy.

March 21, 2006   Comments Off on Short Takes During The Wait