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Religious Christians? — Why Now?
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Religious Christians?

Digby was annoyed when Amy Sullivan made a crack about liberals in reference to Sam Brownback.

It’s a good thing he hadn’t read Steve Walden, who wrote: “But I would also like to point out that the history also challenges the liberal notion that religious Christians are inherently backwards, regressive and opponents of liberty.”

My emphasis to point out that Mr. Walden is using his own terminology to characterize a situation that doesn’t exist outside of his small world.

Feeling oppressed, probably by comments to that post, Mr. Walden then quotes from a book by Rabbi Michael Lerner as justification.

Excuse me, but Mr. Walden the people who are generally attacked by “The Left”, are not considered all that “Christian” in their attitudes and rhetoric. The Robertsons, Falwells, Reeds, Dobsons, et al. are not in the mainstream of Christian theology. These people infest a fetid bog off to the side. They are condemned because they don’t fall within the common understanding of the meaning of Christianity. They aren’t derided for being Christians, they are derided for being “backwards, regressive and opponents of liberty.”

Jimmy Carter is a religious Christian. Father Bob Drinan is a religious Christian. Fathers Daniel and Philip [MHRIP] Berrigan are religious Christians. The Civil Rights movement was organized and led by religious Christians. Religious Christians have died all over the planet standing against repressive regimes, as nominal Christians supported them.

You cannot hate, like the Religious Reich does, and truly be a Christian. I’m sick and tired of hearing that “liberals” hate Christians. People who really believe in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are, by definition, liberals.

Going one step further, if you don’t support the Constitution over the claims of a President, you are not truly an American. All Federal oaths are to support and defend the Constitution. If you can’t do that you are not true to your oath and not worthy to serve. We have had 43 Presidents and only one Constitution. It should be obvious which is more important.