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Iranian To Bush: You Are A Clown

Going around the world on speaking engagements the former president of Iran, Mohammad Khatami, stopped in Britain:

Speaking at Chatham House, a foreign policy think-tank in London, Mr Khatami said Iran was supporting efforts to build strong governments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But he said the near neighbours of both countries should be in charge of solving the problems of insecurity, and that “foreign alien forces” should leave the region as soon as possible.

“This has been a terrible idea. You know, the Americans are suffering, and you will see the result of this mistake in the upcoming polls in the United States.”

The idea that Western-style democracy could be “exported” to the Middle East was flawed from the beginning, Mr Khatami said.

“It’s a great joke – the greatest joke that Mr Bush said, that he would like to export democracy to the Middle East.

“Democracy is not something to get exported.”

Mr. Khatami is certainly not the first person to point out that democracy must be rooted firmly in the soil of a country from native seeds, it can’t be grafted on to another system, nor transplanted from another clime.

These people, like the lazy incompetents they are, are constantly looking for an easy way out of difficult situations. They are “bubble gum and baling wire” builders, manufacturers of theatrical scenery that only ever lasts for a single performance. They have short attention spans and want instant gratification, becoming petulant if they don’t get their way.

It is time to bring some adults back into government while we still have something that hasn’t been destroyed by the frat party of the last six years.