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2006 November 21 — Why Now?
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The Daddy Party?

If you work at a pretty good job you are expected to show up for work. While there are 260 workdays a year, at a good job you will get 10 days of vacation and 10 paid holidays, reducing the number to 240 days on the job. This session of the 109th Congress is barely going to make it into triple digits. Under the Republicans Congress has become a part-time job.

The only thing Congress is really required to do every year is to pass a budget before October 1st, but this Congress still hasn’t done it, and according to Ellroon at Rants from the Rookery it is set to leave the job for the next Congress.

Is it any wonder the voters fired them?

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November 21, 2006   2 Comments

Rampant Ignorance

A group of Islamic scholars were traveling home after a conference and the sun was setting while they were waiting to board their US Air flight, so they said their evening prayers.

CBS News reports: 6 Muslim Imams Removed From Plane.

There is certainly nothing more suspicious than people praying before getting on an airplane, right? It’s not like you’d see a group of nuns traveling together fingering their rosaries in the boarding area?

CBS has comments on some of its article and this was the first item I saw:


If you border a plane in Saudi Arabia, you better not have a bible, bottle or playboy, as you will go to jail, as all 3 are illegal, make sure your wife walks 3 steps behind you, she is completely covered, as that is the law there. You know they still stone people to death and behead them in Saudi Arabia. Staged and the media bought it hook line and sinker.
Posted by mjv2944 at 11:43 AM : Nov 21, 2006

Sorry, Mickey, but you definitely are able to take a Bible to Saudi Arabia; you can’t buy liquor in Santa Rosa County, Florida; nor can you buy Playboy in a lot of places in the US. You can’t hold a Christian religious service in Saudi Arabia, anymore than you can hold an Islamic service in the Vatican, and for the same reason.

Have you seen the Southern Baptist recommendations for wives, Mickey?

As for stoning, it’s in the Bible, while beheading has a very long history behind it. I don’t see a lot of difference between those practices and hanging or lethal injection. In the end the condemned are dead.

If the laws of Saudi Arabia bother you, Mickey, maybe you should be working to ensure that religion and state stay separate in the US, instead of worrying about other countries.

November 21, 2006   2 Comments

Second Blogiversity™

I started doing this over at BlogSpot on 21 November 2004, so this is my second blogiversary

Remember this is Andante’s fault, although I feel much better than I did when I started in 2004.

Thanks to everyone who stops by.

November 21, 2006   10 Comments