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2006 November 11 — Why Now?
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Dr. Dean

You know, now that he has an election under his belt as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee; and he has demonstrated his ability to raise money nationwide; and he has proven himself a winner on a national stage; I think there is one logical next step for him if he gets tired of the sniping and bitching going on in the Party – retain his position as the head of the Party by running for President.

Now he has name recognition and the basis for a nationwide organization, which he was lacking in 2004. He has retained his support on the ‘Net and knows the people who he would be running against.

As for the “scream”, he should request that the media use qualified technical people who know how to accurately cover a political event, and not present the feed off a single, noise-canceling microphone as representative of reality…or he could say, that he gets worked up when he’s right.

Something to think about.

November 11, 2006   8 Comments

Thank You, You Miserable @$#&*%^

Just what the families of the National Guard wanted to hear in Veterans Day: More National Guard units may get second tours in Iraq.

Because they participated in the initial invasion, it looks like the 30th Infantry Brigade from North Carolina, the 39th Infantry Brigade from Arkansas, the 53rd Infantry Brigade from Florida and the 76th Infantry Brigade from Indiana may get sent back to “the sandbox.”

Just another broken promise to veterans.

Who can afford to keep these guys on their payroll, if every three years they leave for over a year? How can anyone expect the Guard to maintain their numbers, when people get screwed around like this? How are governors who depend on the Guard for natural disasters supposed to plan when the Federal government keeps taking their manpower and equipment?

There should have been an expansion of military manpower after 9/11, but they depended on their own delusions instead of reality.

November 11, 2006   Comments Off on Thank You, You Miserable @$#&*%^

Veterans Day

PoppyOn the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 the guns fell silent. The Great War, The War to End All Wars, was over…for a couple of decades.

The red poppies of Flanders fields became a symbol of that war and the veterans that returned from it. Known as Remembrance Day in much of the world, the poppies will be in evidence. Remembrance Day observances have more in common with the American Memorial Day as day to honor those who have died in war.

First called Armistice Day in the United States, the name was changed to Veterans Day, and its purpose changed to honoring those who are serving, or have served in the military. The change was made to avoid a conflict with the existing Memorial Day observance that goes back to the Civil War era.

A heart felt salute to everyone who managed to survive basic training. We can hope that sooner, rather than later, there will be no need for another generation to put on uniforms.

November 11, 2006   2 Comments