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2006 November 14 — Why Now?
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Hillary Clinton

The problem of nominating Hillary Clinton in 2008 is that some people hate her. There is no real reason to hate her, but some people just begin foaming at the mouth when her name is mentioned. There’s nothing she can do about it, because she doesn’t deserve the hate.

Strong negative feelings are really difficult to get around, and when they are irrational, it can be dangerous to try. The attacks started when she was First Lady and have never stopped. It makes no sense, because she was a victim in the Whitewater deal, losing money, and she was the aggrieved party in “Monicagate”. She is a DLC centrist Senator if you look at her record. Other than a few key positions on choice and gay rights she votes to the right of most Democrats.

She is in the unfortunate position of being an icon for the Right of everything they hate about liberals, even though she is definitely not a classic liberal. She is so careful to avoid conflicts that I view her as a timid Senator, waiting for a consensus to form before she will take a position.

While I have great personal sympathy for what she has had to put with since 1992, I can’t support her for the 2008 nomination because I can’t see her fighting for people. She strikes me as passive, and I’m beyond the point that I want a passive President – there is too much that needs to be undone following the disaster that is the Shrubbery.

November 14, 2006   5 Comments

Light Posting Ahead

I’m mired in a project that is taking up all of my time so I will not be doing a lot of posting or commenting until it’s done.  Throw in Thanksgiving and visiting family and time is further reduced.

November 14, 2006   2 Comments