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2006 November 17 — Why Now?
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Stay the Course

Just to prove they really don’t understand what happened to them, House Republicans have voted to “stay the course” by re-electing their losing leadership, minus Dennis Hastert. Of course the fact that Boehner and Blunt were primarily challenged by ideologues even more right-wing, shows the Reptilicons have been listening to pundits instead of voters.

November 17, 2006   Comments Off on Stay the Course

Friday Cat Blogging

Youthful Stupidity

Friday Cat Blogging

I can take him this time.

[Editor: Blaze, last seen curled up asleep on the end of a 2X6, prepares to attack TipToes, a hefty tom who is young enough to enjoy playing with kittens. Blaze has mistakenly attacked Gray Nose in this manner and got swatted across the yard for the error.]

Friday Ark

November 17, 2006   6 Comments