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2006 November 16 — Why Now?
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A Quick Run Through The Blogroll

Everyone seems to believe that it’s time for James Carville to go away and hide somewhere or find real work behind a counter at a Tom Thumb [7-11 if you are outside of the South], something he might be qualified for with enough training.

You should always stop by Jams’ place [Poor Mouth], especially for cat blogging because he has the most interesting comments around.

Terry at Nitpicker notes that while the wingers might want to help John Bolton out, if the nasty old Senate won’t give him his job, giving him the proceeds from bake sales and blegging is actually illegal.

Finally, Phinky of Ignorant Hussy is on a three-month hiatus due to a job that is taking her to “the sandbox”. Good thoughts for her wouldn’t go amiss.

November 16, 2006   2 Comments