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2006 November 02 — Why Now?
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Entities Not Electors

I don’t like the concept of corporations for the very simple reason that I am, and always have been, a confirmed capitalist and corporations violate the very core of capitalism, risk. If you are in business as an individual and mess up you can lose everything you own, be forced into bankruptcy, and end up in prison. If a corporation messes up its liability is limited to the value of the stock, most states have limits to prevent awards that would force a corporation into bankruptcy, and there is no possibility of prison.

Individual are citizens of nations, and owe allegiance to those nations, but corporations have no such restrictions.

While corporations can’t vote, they are afforded a sterling opportunity to influence votes and elected officials.

Karen at Peripetia has more information on the Legal Fictions that are corporations, and Dave Johnson at Seeing The Forest has an article on corporations in elections: Phony Mailers From Tobacco and Oil Companies.

If you compare a corporation with a communist country, there isn’t a lot of difference between a stock certificate and a party membership card…well, the communists do tend to have funnier hats.

November 2, 2006   2 Comments

Viper Strike

Echidne has a great piece of snark: On Elections and Why I am Not a Political Blogger.

Too much of what passes as political commentary in the world is about process and personality, not about policy. I foolishly think it is more important to know what someone intends to do if elected, than if s/he is collecting enough money at the proper times and making the proper ad buys in the most effective markets.

The only segment of a candidate’s personality I’m interested in is their personal integrity – is their word good? There’s no point in reviewing their policies and ads, if the candidates don’t intend to follow through on them.

I don’t expect people to remain locked in to a position forever, but if they change their minds I would like to feel some confidence that it was because of sober consideration and new information, not because it will be easier to get elected if they adopt a new position.

Elections are not games; they are very serious business and should be treated as such.

One other thing for Charlie Crist, the Republican running for governor of Florida: Charley do you intend to do anything? I ask because all of your ads are about your opponent. I’m sure Jim Davis appreciates all of the name recognition you are providing him up this way, but don’t you think you should spend a little money on yourself?

November 2, 2006   2 Comments

Keith Olbermann Special Comment

Video available at Crooks and Liars in Windows Media and QuickTime formats.

This time it’s the Kerry verbal error, which isn’t really an error when it’s in the context of the speech. Most of those reporting on the issue omit the bit about Bush going from the state of Texas to the state of denial. There’s no way to to miss the fact that he was slamming the Shrubbery when the comment is put in context.

Olbermann has another great commentary, and his “Sir” and “Mr. President” are ripening into terms of real disgust. Reminds me of a 30-year First Sergeant talking to a Second Lieutenant who has forgotten his place and given him an order.

November 2, 2006   2 Comments

Excuse Me?

While Kommander Kos and Duncan haven’t sent me instructions on this, I think I can respond.

From John Amato at Crooks and Liars this excerpt from an article by Chuck Todd of National Journal at MSNBC: “For some reason Pelosi has a terrible relationship with the liberal blogs. There’s a pretty decent chance liberal bloggers could start a grassroots effort to get behind Emanuel for speaker.”

Mr. Todd, FYI: on the “liberal” blogs “wanker”, “douche bag”, and “toady for the DLC” are not terms of endearment. The “netroots” have been raising money for people that Rahm Emanuel refused to help. The “netroots” like Dr. Dean’s 50-state strategy. We know that Emanuel talks tough, but so does the Shrubbery. He has triangulated himself into a corner and we can just ignore him, like he ignores people in districts that don’t “lean Democratic”.

Bill Clinton won his elections because he is a hell of a politician, not because of the policies of the DLC or the tough talk of Emanuel. The reason the Republicans haven’t tried to dump the 22nd Amendment is because Bill Clinton would run again and win.

November 2, 2006   4 Comments

Iranian To Bush: You Are A Clown

Going around the world on speaking engagements the former president of Iran, Mohammad Khatami, stopped in Britain:

Speaking at Chatham House, a foreign policy think-tank in London, Mr Khatami said Iran was supporting efforts to build strong governments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But he said the near neighbours of both countries should be in charge of solving the problems of insecurity, and that “foreign alien forces” should leave the region as soon as possible.

“This has been a terrible idea. You know, the Americans are suffering, and you will see the result of this mistake in the upcoming polls in the United States.”

The idea that Western-style democracy could be “exported” to the Middle East was flawed from the beginning, Mr Khatami said.

“It’s a great joke – the greatest joke that Mr Bush said, that he would like to export democracy to the Middle East.

“Democracy is not something to get exported.”

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Iran, Syria, Plot – Be Afraid!

According to CNN the U.S. sees evidence of plot to topple Lebanese government:

The White House announcement came as the militant group Hezbollah threatened street protests to force early elections in Lebanon. Hezbollah is demanding creation of a “national unity” cabinet that would give the Islamic militants and their allies veto power over key decisions.

The BBC article, and Turkish Weekly say US Issues Lebanon ‘Plot’ Warning:

The White House said it was “increasingly concerned by mounting evidence that the Syrian and Iranian governments, Hezbollah, and their Lebanese allies are preparing plans to topple Lebanon’s democratically-elected government.

“There are indications that one goal of the Syrian plan is to prevent the current Lebanese government from approving the statute for an international tribunal that would try those accused of involvement in former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination,” the statement continued.

But the Syrian ambassador to the US, Imad Mustapha, told the BBC’s Newshour programme that the allegations were “ridiculous, verging on the silly”.

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