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Keith Olbermann Special Comment

Video available at Crooks and Liars in Windows Media and QuickTime formats.

This time it’s the Kerry verbal error, which isn’t really an error when it’s in the context of the speech. Most of those reporting on the issue omit the bit about Bush going from the state of Texas to the state of denial. There’s no way to to miss the fact that he was slamming the Shrubbery when the comment is put in context.

Olbermann has another great commentary, and his “Sir” and “Mr. President” are ripening into terms of real disgust. Reminds me of a 30-year First Sergeant talking to a Second Lieutenant who has forgotten his place and given him an order.


1 Anya { 11.03.06 at 11:24 am }


Keith Olbermann bites… and chews ’em up thoroughly! Is he the proverbial shark that GWB must now try to jump?

Good luck, Dubya….

2 Bryan { 11.03.06 at 1:28 pm }

He is certainly on a roll, and I have to feel he is pulling in viewers, which means the corporation will let it continue. The corporate overseers are probably the reason for all of the “Sirs” and “Mr. Presidents” – got to keep it “civil”, for a given value of civil.