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2006 November 15 — Why Now?
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The South Will Rise Again

Continuing their shift into a regional minority party the Dixicons in the Senate have brought back Trent Lott of Mississippi to be Minority whip, he beat out Lamar Alexander of Tennessee by one vote. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky became Minority leader replacing William Frist of Tennessee. The other members of the leadership team will be Senators Jon Kyl of Arizona, Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, John Cornyn of Texas and John Ensign of Nevada. Two Westerners well down the list to provide balance?

Senator Mel Martinez of Florida is the head of the National Committee because, apparently, no one else wanted the job and Mel always does what he’s told.

November 15, 2006   2 Comments

Election Scorecard

Wikipedia already has their 2008 Presidential election site up and working.

Below the fold is a listing of all of the people who have either talked about running, are running, or people want to run for President, without the usual group of people who run every time to get a seat in the conventions. Within their groups they ordered by my subjective opinion on “popularity,” so don’t assume any great significance.

[

November 15, 2006   2 Comments