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Election Scorecard — Why Now?
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Election Scorecard

Wikipedia already has their 2008 Presidential election site up and working.

Below the fold is a listing of all of the people who have either talked about running, are running, or people want to run for President, without the usual group of people who run every time to get a seat in the conventions. Within their groups they ordered by my subjective opinion on “popularity,” so don’t assume any great significance.


Bill Richardson – New Mexico
Tom Vilsack – Iowa
Mike Easley – North Carolina
Rod Blagojevich – Illinois

Hillary Clinton – New York, presumed front-runner
Barack Obama – Illinois
John Kerry – Massachusetts
Joe Biden – Delaware
Evan Bayh – Indiana.

Former Governors
Howard Dean – Vermont, won’t run if he stays as chairman of the DNC
Mark Warner – Virginia

Former Senators
John Edwards -North Carolina, 2004 Vice Presidential candidate
Mike Gravel – Alaska

Al Gore – former Vice President, 2000 Presidential candidate
Wes Clark – retired general
Nancy Pelosi – California, Speaker of the House


Mike Huckabee – Arkansas
John Ellis “Jeb” Bush – Florida
Mitt Romney – Massachusetts
George Pataki – New York

John McCain – Arizona, presumed front-runner
Chuck Hagel – Nebraska
Charles Grassley – Iowa
Sam Brownback – Kansas

Former Governors
Tommy Thompson – Wisconsin

Former Senators
George Allen – Virginia
Rick Santorum – Pennsylvania
Bill Frist – Tennessee

Rudy Giuliani – former mayor of New York City
Duncan Hunter – California, House
Newt Gingrich – Georgia, former Speaker of the House

[Edited to accurately reflect current status of those listed.]


1 John B. { 11.15.06 at 12:37 pm }

Chuck Grassley has an interest in running? For president?

Grassley? He’s a nincumpoop of the first rank.

2 Bryan { 11.15.06 at 1:51 pm }

No, George Pataki is equal to any and all fools in the universe. All Senators think they are Presidential material, and governors think they deserve a shot.

These are people who have expressed interest, not people who are qualified. These are the applicants, not the people who get an interview.